Rocket League World Championship Goes to Overtime in Game 7

Rocket League TrophyRocket League hosted its annual World Championship Final on Sunday, December 15. Nearly two weeks ago, a game update shocked the Rocket League community. The introduction of blueprints and credits led to many complaints from players. The World Championship overshadowed the update by being one of the most exciting finishes in esports history.

RL Trophy

The final was held in Madrid, Spain, between Team Vitality and Team NRG. Team Vitality is made up of team members, Scrub Killa, Kaydrop, and Fairy Peak. Team NRG is made up of jstn., Turbopolsa, and GarrettG. Team NRG looked to challenge Team Vitality, who is coming off the previous Rocket League World Championship. With $200,000 on the line for the winner, the series is decided by the first team with four wins, out of seven games possible.

NRG took the first game, and the next three games were defensive chess battles. Going into game six, NRG led the series 3-2. In the last seconds of game six, Team Vitality made two clutch blocks to send the series to a final game seven.

The championship came down to one last match. The arena was electric as the game started. The match could not be settled in the standard five minutes, so the final match was sent to overtime. In Rocket League, overtime has no time limit and is settled by the first team that scores. In merely 21 seconds into overtime,NRG player, “jstn.” hit the ball towards the side of the field and followed it up by flying up and hit a game winning goal. NRG was crowned champions after a grueling seven game series.

A huge congratulations to NRG on the World Championship win. Now that season nine will be starting, it will be exciting to watch which teams can triumph at the next World Championships.

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My Top 5 Favorite Stress-Free Games

Let’s be honest, most video games are frustrating at some point. Whether it be losing, pressure of online play, or being stuck on a level, video games are designed to challenge the player, but the ultimate goal is entertainment. I still love challenging games, however, it is sometimes nice to play a calming game to unwind and lower some stress. Here are my top 5 favorite stress-free games!



Minecraft Homepage

Minecraft takes a simple design of building blocks to create a complex world of endless possibilities. The simplicity of the game makes it stress-free and always enjoyable. You can play survival mode, which makes enemy creatures spawn in and makes the game a little of a challenge, or you can play creative mode, which has no health bar and unlimited materials to create the world you want. Another aspect of the game that makes it extremely peaceful, is the music. The music is tranquil and is even used in sleep playlists. To listen to the soundtrack on Spotify, click here!


The Sims- Urbz

The Sim Urbz Front Cover

The Sims Urbz is a relatively unknown game, being overshadowed by The Sims 2. Both games are very similar and released on Nintendo DS. They follow the blueprint of a single player Sims game. Your character has all of the needs of a normal Sims game. Urbz’s appeal comes from an easy to follow plot. The missions are laid out well and makes the experience stress-free. The classic Sims dialogue is guarenteed to cause some laughs as well!


The Crew

The Crew

The Crew is a Ubisoft game released in 2014. It separates itself from traditional racing games by being open-world. The game derives its map from the continental United States, giving you the ability to drive from east to west coast anytime you please. The missions are a little shallow, but range from races to chases, time trials, and demolitions. The calming aspect of this game is the ability to drive on the open road with many options of background music and car designs and colors to choose from.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Cover

Mario games always hold a sense of simplicity and challenge. Super Mario Galaxy pushes those boundaries to give you a conplete Mario game with beautiful graphics. The game takes you through different planets, which all range in gravity. This offers a unique challenge to navigate space in a quest for stars. The game introduces Rosalina and her companions, the Lumas. They add cute dialogue and interactions. This is one of the greatest games ever made.


Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Cover

Spyro the Dragon may be one of my all-time favorite games. Although I have not played the remastered edition, the original Playstation game is timeless. The sheer joy of charging and flying around a fantasy dragon world brings out your childhood imagination. Gems and Dragon statues being found is so rewarding as the game plays classic video game sounds. The music is also peaceful. The first in the trilogy of Spyro is the most simple and stress-free, however I highly recommend playing through the other Spyro games too!

Best Home Workout While Playing Video Games

Getting to the gym can be difficult, especially if you are playing video games all day. Some games draw you in for hours in hope of a level up or beating the game. Here is a full body workout and a few tips to get some exercise in between games.

Optional Equipment-

  • Yoga Mat
  • Dumbell (comfortable weight for 1 arm)

This quick workout will help with posture, soreness from prolonged sitting, help with energy and alertness. Each set will take about 5-7 minutes. 3 sets are recommended for beginners and 5 sets for experienced, but do however many you feel comfortable. Below is the list of excercises.

1. Squats – 10 RepsSquat Gif
  • Stand with feet shoulder length apart. Keep head up and back straight. Squat down until hips are in line with knees.

2. Push-ups – 10 RepsPush up Gif
  • Keep feet together. Put hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Keep your bottom low to the floor. (Use yoga mat for more comfort).

3. One Arm Shoulder Press – 5 Reps Each Side
  • Stand or sit, with back straight. Keep shoulders back and arms at 90 degrees. Keep core tight and raise arm above head.
  • Without a dumbbell, use this exercise as a stretch to loosen your back muscles. Try to extend your hand to the sky very slowly for the rep.

4.  Split Lunges – 5 Reps Each Side
  • Stand with one foot in front of you and one behind, in a staggered stance. Lower yourself until back knee almost touches the ground.
5.  Planks – 30 Second Hold
  • Return to push up position with elbows on floor for support. Hold the position with core tight for 30 seconds. (Use yoga mat for more comfort).

This quick, easy workout will keep your muscles active and help you achieve daily activity goals. This should not be used as a replacement for daily activity. I encourage exploring more vigorous excercises and to keep up on both your physical health and your mental health. Remember to always to take breaks from video games, be active, eat well, and hydrate throughout the day!

Rocket League Update Coming December 4th

Rocket League Main Menu

Rocket League unveiled new features for the update coming December 4th. This will mark the beginning of the 13th season and the 5th Rocket Pass for Rocket League. The Rocket Pass follows the system of many reward systems in gaming. It consists of 70 tiers with rewards each level. After the 70 levels, a random item is rewarded with each gained level. The free Rocket Pass has rewards every few levels, while the Premium Rocket Pass, listed at $9.99 for a season, has rewards every single level.

Rocket League Pass
FLuuMP / Via

The update will bring some interesting changes, mainly the addition of an item shop, keys being replaced and brand-new “blueprints”.

The item shop will make it possible to purchase specific cosmetic items using a new in-game currency called credits. The item shop will work on a 24 hour cycle, replacing the featured items every day with new ones. Keys were previously the only currency for the game, which only unlocked crates for a mystery item. Now that keys will be gone, you can now spend credits and know what you are buying. Credits will also unlock the new blueprints that will be added to the game.

Rocket League Blueprints

Blueprints are essentially items drops for certain online games. Blueprints must be unlocked before the item can be equipped. With the update, crates will be eliminated and all will be converted into blueprints.

Rocket League Item Shop

The new update seems to push players towards the purchase of the Premium Rocket Pass and credits. It is definitely disappointing that Rocket League will now be monetizing almost every reward aspect of the game. Right now, there are several ways to earn items without additional purchases. Items randomly drop in games played and the free Rocket Pass rewards “decryptors”, which can be used on a crate to unlock a mystery item. After the update, it seems as if the only way to earn free credits is through the purchase of the Premium Rocket Pass. Gone is the excitement of revealing rare items and replaced with a money grab loot system. Hopefully the game will offer rewards aside from paying extra money for cosmetic items. Before the actual update, it is hard to gauge the effect it will have on players.

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Top 5 ways to Support Small Streamers

Every streamer has to start somewhere. Your first stream is probably not going to rack in hundreds of viewers; in fact, you may stream a dozen times without breaking ten average viewers. As long as you can be consistent and produce quality content, money and success is out there.

Since there are many established streamers on all platforms and games, it can be difficult to find small streamers. The most popular streaming platforms push the most popular streamers based on viewers and the popularity of the game they are playing. Here are a few ways to find small streamers and support them!

Twitch Follow Image

1. Follow Everybody!

Following streamers is extremely beneficial to both you and the stream. You will be able to see anytime they are streaming. In addition, every follower they receive, gets them closer to becoming an affiliate or a partner. One of the requirements to start earning money on Twitch is 50 followers for affiliates.

Twitch Donation Button

2. Donate!

Donating is the most effective way to support up-and-coming streamers. 100% of donations go directly to the streamer on all major platforms. Small donations will still make a big impact on a stream. Many times, viewers will donate after someone else donates. This caused a ripple effect that can rack up donations in a small time. Donations often are set to appear on the screen with the username of the donor. Be the first one to donate, even if it is just $1!

3. Subscribe!

Subscriptions are a great way to support streamers over time. Twitch has tiers for subscriptions that are $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. Each has additional benefits including emotes, badges and exclusive chats. Mixer, on the other hand, only has one subscription option of $5.99 a month. Subscribing to any channel puts you in an outstanding group of supporters and fans of the streamer. The benefits of subscribing differ between channels, so always look for what you are getting for hitting subscribe!

Twitch Subscriptions

4. Be Active in the Chat!

One of the most entertaining pieces of video game streaming is the interactions between streamer and viewers. The chat enables the streamer to read what viewers are saying. A lot of top streamers are popular because of their personality interacting with viewers. Small streamers need engagement to build a following so being active in chat helps!

5. Take Advantage of Free Subscriptions!

Twitch offers a free month subscription for Amazon Prime members. There are also a lot of Amazon Prime free offers such as free Prime for university students. Using your free subscription on a small streamer enables them to earn the money from the subscription without you having to pay for it!

There are so many people trying to break into the streaming industry. With quality content all over the place, try to find as many streamers with small fanbases as possible to support. With your help and support, they could become the next big thing!

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Dr. Disrespect’s 24 Hour Call of Duty Stream

Image from

Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out October 24. Anytime a Call of Duty game is released, many gamers are already prepared to play nonstop in order to rank up and master the game. Since its release less than a week ago, Modern Warfare has exceeded 300,000 average viewers on Twitch. With all of the hype for the game, many top gamers have been grinding to level up.

During the Doc’s stream, one game mode stood out as an improvement to the game franchise. The Cyber Attack game mode is essentially Search and Destroy, but with the very handy ability to revive teammates. Watching players strategize reviving and stopping revives adds drama and deeper game planning. A large team status displays on each kill or revive, which helps players keep track of both teams, which always helps in the heat of big moments.

Image from

One streamer in particular has been hard at work with a 24 hour stream. Starting yesterday at 5:00 PM Mountain Time, Dr. Disrespect, has been continuously streaming Modern Warfare. As he finishes the stream, he has played almost every game mode, every map, and has only dabbled in a few guns. Having only watched about four hours of the stream, its apparent that the very popular MP5 gun is the Doc’s go-to weapon. However, he may change up his load out as he unlocks more accessories in the brand new Gunsmith, which allows complete customization of weapons. Many gun upgrades are unlocked as you level up so there are always new gun modifications to play with.

Image from

Even after 24 hours, Dr. Disrespect has only grazed the surface of Modern Warfare. He has not played any single player modes and has only played a few games of each game mode. The big question is, does Modern Warfare have enough depth to keep players entertained and how long will it sit atop the most popular streams on Twitch and Mixer.

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Chinese Protests Effect on Esports

China is facing protests from Hong Kong citizens that has affected much of the world to this point. Due to the violence the protests have produced, many are showing their support for democracy in Hong Kong. Here is a little background to what started these protests.

Hong Kong is a part of China, however it has a different set of laws and procedures than mainland China. A bill was proposed to allow mainland China to take control of some trials and criminal suspects, which to Hong Kong residents, they believe would result in corruption and unfair law practices.

These protests have been going on for over six months. It has attracted a lot of media attention, and the support for Hong Kong has caused a ripple effect worldwide. Because of strict censorship in China, any opposition to the government through media is removed.

Image from

This has affected the Esports world in a big way. A Hearthstone player known as “Blitzchung” praised the Hong Kong protests by saying “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!”. As a result, “Blitzchung” was banned from competition and stripped of monetary winnings. His ban was executed by Hearthstone developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

Image from

Blizzard is one of the largest game developers in the world, having nearly 10,000 employees worldwide. The player ban resulted in a large employee walk out and two of Blizzard’s gamecasters stepping down. Many are also calling for a boycott of Blizzard games. The reason behind these actions are because Blizzard is making a statement that their business in China stands above players’ free speech. From a business standpoint, China makes up about 25% of revenue in the video game industry, so Blizzard must choose between censoring players or losing a large part of their market.

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