Dr. Disrespect’s 24 Hour Call of Duty Stream

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out October 24. Anytime a Call of Duty game is released, many gamers are already prepared to play nonstop in order to rank up and master the game. Since its release less than a week ago, Modern Warfare has exceeded 300,000 average viewers on Twitch. With all of the hype for the game, many top gamers have been grinding to level up.

During the Doc’s stream, one game mode stood out as an improvement to the game franchise. The Cyber Attack game mode is essentially Search and Destroy, but with the very handy ability to revive teammates. Watching players strategize reviving and stopping revives adds drama and deeper game planning. A large team status displays on each kill or revive, which helps players keep track of both teams, which always helps in the heat of big moments.

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One streamer in particular has been hard at work with a 24 hour stream. Starting yesterday at 5:00 PM Mountain Time, Dr. Disrespect, has been continuously streaming Modern Warfare. As he finishes the stream, he has played almost every game mode, every map, and has only dabbled in a few guns. Having only watched about four hours of the stream, its apparent that the very popular MP5 gun is the Doc’s go-to weapon. However, he may change up his load out as he unlocks more accessories in the brand new Gunsmith, which allows complete customization of weapons. Many gun upgrades are unlocked as you level up so there are always new gun modifications to play with.

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Even after 24 hours, Dr. Disrespect has only grazed the surface of Modern Warfare. He has not played any single player modes and has only played a few games of each game mode. The big question is, does Modern Warfare have enough depth to keep players entertained and how long will it sit atop the most popular streams on Twitch and Mixer.

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