Top 5 ways to Support Small Streamers

Every streamer has to start somewhere. Your first stream is probably not going to rack in hundreds of viewers; in fact, you may stream a dozen times without breaking ten average viewers. As long as you can be consistent and produce quality content, money and success is out there.

Since there are many established streamers on all platforms and games, it can be difficult to find small streamers. The most popular streaming platforms push the most popular streamers based on viewers and the popularity of the game they are playing. Here are a few ways to find small streamers and support them!

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1. Follow Everybody!

Following streamers is extremely beneficial to both you and the stream. You will be able to see anytime they are streaming. In addition, every follower they receive, gets them closer to becoming an affiliate or a partner. One of the requirements to start earning money on Twitch is 50 followers for affiliates.

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2. Donate!

Donating is the most effective way to support up-and-coming streamers. 100% of donations go directly to the streamer on all major platforms. Small donations will still make a big impact on a stream. Many times, viewers will donate after someone else donates. This caused a ripple effect that can rack up donations in a small time. Donations often are set to appear on the screen with the username of the donor. Be the first one to donate, even if it is just $1!

3. Subscribe!

Subscriptions are a great way to support streamers over time. Twitch has tiers for subscriptions that are $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. Each has additional benefits including emotes, badges and exclusive chats. Mixer, on the other hand, only has one subscription option of $5.99 a month. Subscribing to any channel puts you in an outstanding group of supporters and fans of the streamer. The benefits of subscribing differ between channels, so always look for what you are getting for hitting subscribe!

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4. Be Active in the Chat!

One of the most entertaining pieces of video game streaming is the interactions between streamer and viewers. The chat enables the streamer to read what viewers are saying. A lot of top streamers are popular because of their personality interacting with viewers. Small streamers need engagement to build a following so being active in chat helps!

5. Take Advantage of Free Subscriptions!

Twitch offers a free month subscription for Amazon Prime members. There are also a lot of Amazon Prime free offers such as free Prime for university students. Using your free subscription on a small streamer enables them to earn the money from the subscription without you having to pay for it!

There are so many people trying to break into the streaming industry. With quality content all over the place, try to find as many streamers with small fanbases as possible to support. With your help and support, they could become the next big thing!

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