Rocket League Update Coming December 4th

Rocket League Main Menu

Rocket League unveiled new features for the update coming December 4th. This will mark the beginning of the 13th season and the 5th Rocket Pass for Rocket League. The Rocket Pass follows the system of many reward systems in gaming. It consists of 70 tiers with rewards each level. After the 70 levels, a random item is rewarded with each gained level. The free Rocket Pass has rewards every few levels, while the Premium Rocket Pass, listed at $9.99 for a season, has rewards every single level.

Rocket League Pass
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The update will bring some interesting changes, mainly the addition of an item shop, keys being replaced and brand-new “blueprints”.

The item shop will make it possible to purchase specific cosmetic items using a new in-game currency called credits. The item shop will work on a 24 hour cycle, replacing the featured items every day with new ones. Keys were previously the only currency for the game, which only unlocked crates for a mystery item. Now that keys will be gone, you can now spend credits and know what you are buying. Credits will also unlock the new blueprints that will be added to the game.

Rocket League Blueprints

Blueprints are essentially items drops for certain online games. Blueprints must be unlocked before the item can be equipped. With the update, crates will be eliminated and all will be converted into blueprints.

Rocket League Item Shop

The new update seems to push players towards the purchase of the Premium Rocket Pass and credits. It is definitely disappointing that Rocket League will now be monetizing almost every reward aspect of the game. Right now, there are several ways to earn items without additional purchases. Items randomly drop in games played and the free Rocket Pass rewards “decryptors”, which can be used on a crate to unlock a mystery item. After the update, it seems as if the only way to earn free credits is through the purchase of the Premium Rocket Pass. Gone is the excitement of revealing rare items and replaced with a money grab loot system. Hopefully the game will offer rewards aside from paying extra money for cosmetic items. Before the actual update, it is hard to gauge the effect it will have on players.

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