My Top 5 Favorite Stress-Free Games

Let’s be honest, most video games are frustrating at some point. Whether it be losing, pressure of online play, or being stuck on a level, video games are designed to challenge the player, but the ultimate goal is entertainment. I still love challenging games, however, it is sometimes nice to play a calming game to unwind and lower some stress. Here are my top 5 favorite stress-free games!



Minecraft Homepage

Minecraft takes a simple design of building blocks to create a complex world of endless possibilities. The simplicity of the game makes it stress-free and always enjoyable. You can play survival mode, which makes enemy creatures spawn in and makes the game a little of a challenge, or you can play creative mode, which has no health bar and unlimited materials to create the world you want. Another aspect of the game that makes it extremely peaceful, is the music. The music is tranquil and is even used in sleep playlists. To listen to the soundtrack on Spotify, click here!


The Sims- Urbz

The Sim Urbz Front Cover

The Sims Urbz is a relatively unknown game, being overshadowed by The Sims 2. Both games are very similar and released on Nintendo DS. They follow the blueprint of a single player Sims game. Your character has all of the needs of a normal Sims game. Urbz’s appeal comes from an easy to follow plot. The missions are laid out well and makes the experience stress-free. The classic Sims dialogue is guarenteed to cause some laughs as well!


The Crew

The Crew

The Crew is a Ubisoft game released in 2014. It separates itself from traditional racing games by being open-world. The game derives its map from the continental United States, giving you the ability to drive from east to west coast anytime you please. The missions are a little shallow, but range from races to chases, time trials, and demolitions. The calming aspect of this game is the ability to drive on the open road with many options of background music and car designs and colors to choose from.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Cover

Mario games always hold a sense of simplicity and challenge. Super Mario Galaxy pushes those boundaries to give you a conplete Mario game with beautiful graphics. The game takes you through different planets, which all range in gravity. This offers a unique challenge to navigate space in a quest for stars. The game introduces Rosalina and her companions, the Lumas. They add cute dialogue and interactions. This is one of the greatest games ever made.


Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Cover

Spyro the Dragon may be one of my all-time favorite games. Although I have not played the remastered edition, the original Playstation game is timeless. The sheer joy of charging and flying around a fantasy dragon world brings out your childhood imagination. Gems and Dragon statues being found is so rewarding as the game plays classic video game sounds. The music is also peaceful. The first in the trilogy of Spyro is the most simple and stress-free, however I highly recommend playing through the other Spyro games too!