Rocket League World Championship Goes to Overtime in Game 7

Rocket League TrophyRocket League hosted its annual World Championship Final on Sunday, December 15. Nearly two weeks ago, a game update shocked the Rocket League community. The introduction of blueprints and credits led to many complaints from players. The World Championship overshadowed the update by being one of the most exciting finishes in esports history.

RL Trophy

The final was held in Madrid, Spain, between Team Vitality and Team NRG. Team Vitality is made up of team members, Scrub Killa, Kaydrop, and Fairy Peak. Team NRG is made up of jstn., Turbopolsa, and GarrettG. Team NRG looked to challenge Team Vitality, who is coming off the previous Rocket League World Championship. With $200,000 on the line for the winner, the series is decided by the first team with four wins, out of seven games possible.

NRG took the first game, and the next three games were defensive chess battles. Going into game six, NRG led the series 3-2. In the last seconds of game six, Team Vitality made two clutch blocks to send the series to a final game seven.

The championship came down to one last match. The arena was electric as the game started. The match could not be settled in the standard five minutes, so the final match was sent to overtime. In Rocket League, overtime has no time limit and is settled by the first team that scores. In merely 21 seconds into overtime,NRG player, “jstn.” hit the ball towards the side of the field and followed it up by flying up and hit a game winning goal. NRG was crowned champions after a grueling seven game series.

A huge congratulations to NRG on the World Championship win. Now that season nine will be starting, it will be exciting to watch which teams can triumph at the next World Championships.

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