Ideas for Thanksgiving During COVID-19: Gamer’s Guide

This year, Thanksgiving may look very different for many people around America. Some families hold yearly traditions and many see this day as a way to connect with family and catch up. For others, Thanksgiving may be a challenging day filled with stress and social anxiety. Regardless of how you feel about Thanksgiving, here is a few ideas for activities that you can do at home today amid the pandemic.

Hold a Video Game Tournament

Video games are a great way to connect with friends and family and a tournament can produce some entertaining competition. While most families will not have many avid video games, there are very simple games that the whole family can enjoy. For video game novices, simple free games can be very fun for a big group. These can include:

Evil Apples – A free mobile game that is much like Cards Against Humanity and has many expansion packs.

HousepartyHouseparty is a free mobile app that combines facetiming with group party games.

Werewolf – A classic party card game that has a free mobile port. The chat aspect makes it fun for the whole family.

For those who may not have close family, but still have friends that play video games, create a tradition of playing certain games. Some of the best party or tournament games to play today include:

Super Smash Bros. – These games can get extremely intense, especially if all your friends are familiar with it.

Mario Party – There are a good amount of Mario Party games so as long as you have a Nintendo console, a version should not be hard to come across.

Madden – Football is a Thanksgiving tradition, but sometimes playing the games may be more entertaining than watching the real games on TV.

Call of Duty – Many friends grew up playing Call of Duty together. Some of the fondest memories may be squading up after school and playing until you were told to go to bed.

Have a Virtual Hangout

With so many virtual meeting apps popping up, there are plenty of options on how to get together this Thanksgiving. Creating Zoom or Skype meetings is very simple, but there are also other options to meet up as well. It may sound silly, but child-friendly Online Multiplayer games are a great way to have a funny meeting. These games include:

Minecraft – Inviting friends and family into your world or jumping into a pre-made world can be very entertaining and a great way to connect.

Club Penguin – This online multiplayer game is very simple to sign up and each player gets a penguin avatar. There are very simple fun activities and friends and family can chat, but make sure there is no profanity in the penguin world.

Roblox – Another online building game that is very simple. Creating an avatar is quick and is a great way to chat with friends and family while exploring the blocky world.

If celebrating Thanksgiving is a tradition, do not be discouraged by the restrictions due to COVID-19 and more importantly, do not risk the health of others for the sake of tradition. Staying home may ensure that those traditions keep going for years to come. With so much technology allowing people to connect virtually, seeing friends and family has never been easier. Happy Thanksgiving!

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